Open Letter

American Gas Association

1515 Wilson Blvd.

Arlinton, VA 22209

RE: Contaminated Natural Gas

Dear Mr. Michael Baly III, President and CEO

Do you know why God made our second toe longer than the rest? It's to remind us we're human, when we stub it. Smack that extension of our existence and the reality of being is immediately focused.

Life is like our second toe. We stumble along, paying attention to whatever issues press in upon us. We amble along avoiding most of the obstacles in our path. But, every-so-often, we stub our toe, and when we do, we are forced to stop and reflect on the pain.

The contaminated gas issue is such a stumble made by an industry that represents the best energy source available. When you stub your toe, we, the consumer suffer the pain.

Natural gas in it's present condition, is not the clean energy source you advertise; it's contaminated by chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm and hormone disruption.

The public's trust in their gas utilitiy has been betrayed. Consumers can no longer trust their gas utility. By dumping hazardous waste into the public commons, you have violated our trust and we seek redress.

Here's what we propose AGA can do to help correct contaminated consumer gas:

1. Gas utilities provide consumer rebates for environmental pollution compliance equipment installation and usage.

2. AGA works with insurance providers in developing consumer rebates for environmental pollution compliance equipment installation and usage.

3. AGA to work with Federal and State tax organizations to provide consumer rebates for environmental pollution compliance equipment installation.

4. AGA works with the National Fire Protection Association in developing gas filter fire standards to meet all aspects of consumer gas filter requirements.

5. AGA to work with UL, CSA and other equipment standards for the manufacture, installation and use of consumer gas filter hardware.

6. AGA funds continuing research, development and education in cleaner, safer consumer gas.

Are you as concerned for the health and safety of consumers, as we are? Do you have the resolve and conviction to provide consumers the same standard of clean, safe natural gas, we have? If so, we look forward to your response.

Contaminated gas's festering toe is destroying a noble energy and causing undo suffering. This unfortunate problem must be corrected before it becomes untenable.

Sincerely Yours,

Gascape Publications

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