Gascape Wins It's First Challenge

May 8, 1997 Announcement

Three weeks after Gascape challenged Michael Baly, President and CEO of the American Gas Association in an open letter on their website, he quietly announced his resignation.

His announcement comes as a shock, but not a surprise. As the facts about contaminated natural gas become more widely understood, the reasons for Baly's resignation will become apparent.

Mr. Baly's troubles started before he took office. He inhereited a post with America's biggest gas association that was starting it's death throes before he came on board. Membership in this elite organization has been in decline. Revenue from it's members is steadily falling off. Staff cutbacks, program cancellations and belt tightening were just the beginning. Funding of AGA's Gas Research Institute have also been cut back.

Under Baly's leadership, the AGA started a national TV ad campaign that proclaimed: "Natural gas, the clean energy alternative." Gascape's consumer advocate chastised AGA about their false advertising. As suddenly as the TV ads appeared, they disappeared without explanation.

To make matters worse Baly's corporate members in California announced in they no longer were going to offer customer services. All we want to be from now on are distributors, they said. Another in a series of setbacks adding to the decline of the gas utility industry.

As AGA's ads were running on TV, corporate giants brazenly announced they were selling off their California gas-fired generators because they were old and inefficient. And with their next breath, they gleefully announced investing hundreds of millions of dollars into gas-fired generators outside California. Could it have anything to do with California's PROP 65 public gas warning and future liability issues?

PREDICTION. Look for more top management resignations and early retirements. The heat from contaminated natural gas is just starting to catch fire.

With this surprising news, we can't forget, this is still a women's issue. Nothings changed. Fifty million women and children are still being exposed to contaminated natural gas.

What levels of excellence could we acheive if consumers joined Gascape in demanding clean, safe consumer gas? Take the information in this website, bookmark these pages and use it to bring changes to your gas utility and let us know your results.

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