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PCBs, also referred to by the trade names Aroclor, Phenoclor and Kanechlor, encompass a class of chlorinated compounds that includes up to 209 variations, or congeners, with different physical and chemical characteristics. Most PCBs are oily liquids whose color darkens and viscosity increases with rising chlorine content.

Because of the stability of PCBs, many exposure routes must be considered: dermal exposure, ingestion of PCB-contaminated soil, water and food; and inhalation of ambient air contaminated with PCB.

Chemicals in the environment

About PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyl)

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EPA pipeline

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Pipeline project

Hazard Summary

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Ethics Violations

FAQs About PCBs

Fraud on the Court Bloomington

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Summary of Consent Decree Problems

U.S. Imports PCB's!




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