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Lets look at some examples of California's Gas Warnings - and judge for yourself. For comparison we reference 2 warnings; one from Pacific Gas & Electric and one from Southern California Gas. There appears to be a difference in what the industry chooses to warn us about.

Abstract #2

In 1986, California voters passed an environmental protection law - the first in the nation called Proposition 65. This law forbids certain hazardous chemicals from being sold in the State. PROP 65 is included as part of California's Prop 65 Summary.

Abstract #3

The typical home using natural gas produces at least 374.9 pounds of combustion by-products each month. That's equivalent to spreading 40 bags of vacum cleaner dirt around the house. GAS EMISSIONS

Abstract #4

If preparing dinner leaves you a trifle short of breath, perhaps you should evaluate the cooking methods involved. British researchers find that women who cook with gas are at least twice as likely to experience wheezing, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of asthma as those who prepare meals using electric cooktops and ovens. COOKING & WHEEZING WITH GAS

Abstract #5

Since 1986, other products sold in California have been forced to change, or be removed from the marketplace. Some that were forced to change are gasoline, nail polish, hair sprays, cosmetics, paints, artist supplies, carpets, lawnmowers, water faucets, water well pumps and even secretarial error correction fluid.

Abstract #6

The American Gas Association has a research arm, called the Gas Research Institute. Recently, the GRI contracted for PCB work at PENN STATE UNIVERSITY to do a study. They want to find a way to flush PCBs out of their contaminated gas pipes.

INTERNET UPDATE: This Penn State listing has been removed from the Internet, apparently someone posted this notice before asking GRI if it's OK to share such info with the masses. Oops!

For the earliest public disclosure that PCBs contaminate gas pipes look at www.sfgate.com/ which is the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper's web page. They published stories and stats about PCBs spewing out of a gas main in SF's financial district.


Abstract #7

The state lists chemicals that contaminate natural gas and warns . . . . these chemicals are known by the State of California, to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm and hormone disruption. Endocrine Disrupters, PANUPS Did you notice, neither the State nor the utilities mention PCBs in their California Gas Warning.

Abstract #8

The natural gas industry, the American Gas Association, the Environmental Protection Agency and every major gas utility in the nation knows that PCBs contaminate natural gas and their gas pipes. PCB's in Natural Gas, PIPELINE PCB FINE, PCB AWARD, NuPCB WRINKLE.

Abstract #9

For those who don't know about the health effects PCBs have on humans, look at what different sources report. PCBs are known to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm. MORE PCB STUFF

As research continues, it shows that PCBs also damage and disrupts hormone activity especially in women, children and older members of the population. PCBs & ESTROGEN, PCBs ARE ESTROGENIC, PCBs - SMALL PENIS

Abstract #10

This is the first publication to report that natural gas pipes contain the missing resivour of unaccounted for PCBs that mysteriously keep surfacing in scientific investigations.

This publication also warns: the nation's gas pipes are an undisclosed resivour of undocumented DIOXINS and FURANS that keep entering the environment, our food chain and watershed.

When PCBs are partially burned - they form unburned hydrocarbons - and these partially burned PCBs produce even more dangerous chemicals such as DIOXINs and FURANs. DIOXIN LOIS GIBBS ORG, MOTHERS AGAINST DIOXIN, TIME FOR ACTION, DIOXIN POSTING, DIOXIN-MORE SHOWING UP, DIOXIN SOURCE REVEALED.

Abstract #11

Point of clarification: The typical home gas appliance produces temperatures that averages 200 degrees F. EPA incineration protocols require that PCBs must be burned at 2,100 degrees F, and held at that temperature for at least 10 seconds for complete distruction. It becomes obvious, the home gas appliance is not a suitable device for incinerartion of PCBs or any other hazardous chemical.

When PCBs are burned, they produce DIOXINS - which further produce FURANS. FURANS can only be produced by incomplete combustion of DIOXINS. And we know that DIOXINS are produced from incomplete combustion of PCBs. DIOXINS AND FURANS 2d, DIOXINS AND FURANS 3, ENVIRO. RESOURCES, DIOXIN & FURAN Q&A '89. And now we know that PCBs are delivered by natural gas directly into our home.

Abstract #12

An example of DIOXINS showing up indoors: A research report from Germany finds unexpected levels of DIOXIN in underclothing. They indicate some of the DIOXIN may be coming from PCP. DIOXIN IN COTTON CLOTH

Worse, they speculate, that since DIOXINS show up after the undergarments have been washed - the skin may absorb DIOXINS directly from the cloth. Could it be the freshly washed underwear was dried in a natural gas clothes drier spewing gaswaste?

Abstract #13

Because contaminated gas containing hazardous chemicals such as PCBs enter our indoor environment, what happens when humans are exposed to a combination of PCBs, DIOXINS and FURANS? HEALTH EFFECTS OF DIOXINS

Abstract #14

Why are utilities that use natural gas to generate electricity Selling off their Gas Fired generators here in the U.S., while at the same time, they're investing in gas fired generators in foreign countries.

Abstract #15

UPDATE: A report recently published points a smoking gun directly at one of the chemicals found in natural gas called BENZO-A-PYRENE (BaP). BaP has been shown to change the mechanism human genes have that protects us against the rapid cell growth that produces cancer. Look at the California Gas Warning, BaP is omitted.

Abstract #16

Concerned Consumers. To start improving the products we buy in the marketplace, ask the pizza store if they filter their gas before making your pizza. Ask the burger fast-food outlet if they filter their gas before cooking your burger.

It won't be long before corporate America becomes aware that contaminated gas is tainting the products they sell to consumers. Companies that use gas in their operations will start filtering the gas before they make products for consumers. It's good business!

This is a consumer product safety issue. Consumers outnumber the gas utilities and have the clout to bring about change. Lets do it.

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