Public Utilities Commissions are supposed to oversee their gas utilities. Unfortunately, PUCs are handmaidens of the gas industry. Why is it, so many former PUC executives are now employed by corporate gas?

Research shows that natural gas is governed by the Department of Transportation in Washington. Such a buracracy has shown little interest in the consumer health and safety issues of natural gas. DOT is concerned about the safe transportation of gas across intersate boundries, not one's health.

Unlike corporate gas, where business decisions dictate corporate policy. Gascape's policy is to investigate and report on the consumer's side of natural gas. How safe and how clean is gas? What are the health and safety issues, and how do they affect women and children?

More importantly, Gascape supports natural gas as the best fuel energy source available. It's abundant, it's cheap and it's better than electricity from an environmental perspective. To acheive this dream, we don't need a rocket scientist to dream up something new. All we have to do is filter the gas before we use it.

Nobody using gas in their home wants to switch to electricity. Gas customers interviewed recently, said they like the benefits gas provides them. They also volunteered, they would be willing to pay their fair share for a cleaner, safer gas if the utility did the same.

The only safeguard the public has against contaminated gas is the collective power of the marketplace. Examples abound where buracracies are bought and controlled by special interest groups. Unlike buracracies, consumers have enourmous clout when they voice their outrage with their pocketbooks.

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