Natural Gas Versus Women & Children

Are women as dumb as gas utility thinks they are? If you separate the disinformation and confusing jargon from the facts you begin to understand that women are deliberately being lied to about their gas.

A women can read a situation better than a man can, separate the truth from "the facts" and come to a decision. And if a woman doesn't know something she's not afraid to ask for directions.

Trust, respect, honesty, and safety: important words used to describe the attributes you look for in relationships . . . like with your gas utility. Think about natural gas for a moment. What do you really know about it? And you probably know even less about your gas utility.

This may sound silly, but you probably know more about the people living down the street than you do about the gas utility you trust and let inside the sanctity of your home.

50 Million women and children are being victimized, and lied to by sleazy utility managers whose only purpose in life is to build their own little empires so they can retire in comfort.

You have to understand, managing a utility is a "male thing." These testosterone driven creatures want to win at any cost. Their 'ole-boy mentality has dominated natural gas for 150 years. It's a $60 Billion a year gorilla that does what it wants, regardless of the public's health and safety.

The utilitys have a mandate from the government that gives them a license to pull their dirty tricks under shoddy environmental compromises. These corporate mavens compete to see who can get away with the most while collaborating amongst themselves to dream up new excuses to cover up their misdeeds.

The really sad part . . . they feed on your honesty and trust. They know you trust them and armed with that knowledge they manipulate and spin-doctor you into thinking natural gas is a clean energy.

50 Million Women and Natural Gas Fact

In the United States, there are 60 million residences using natural gas.

"Gas utilities dump their hazardous waste into 50 million homes everyday, without warning, without your permission and without remorse. Apparently, it's cheaper for them to dump on the customer, than pay someone to clean it up."

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