Environmental Resources on the Internet

This list provides a gateway to some of our favorite jumping off points for environmental information, each of which houses many more links. Start surfing. Feel free to offer feedback on what you find. Learn. And enjoy!

Environmental Policy

U.S. EPA Rules, Regulations, and Legislation (Conduct a title search, for example, Clean Water Act, or Safe Drinking Water Act) [Image] U.S. Federal Government's Guide to Legislative Information (Browse or conduct a title search, for example, Endangered Species Act.)

Other Gateways

* Environmental Resources on the Internet is a mammoth collection of environmental and related links, compiled by Dr. James T. Oris and Dr. Jay Gooch for the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). This is a great place to start.

* Environment is a guide from EINet Galaxy. It provides numerous links and a searchable index.

* Internic Environment is the section of the Internic Directory of Directories which lists information pertaining to the environment. It describes a wide range of resources and lists contact information.

* Eco-Compass is an on-line service from Island press. Each monthly issue supplies links to useful WWW, gopher, FTP, and Telnet sites related to the issue's particular theme. The July 1995 issue, for example, focussed on Climate change; the August theme was Endangered species.

* Planet Earth Homepage is a virtual library. It can be navigated graphically, through "rooms" and "bookshelves" of information; via a text only version; or by conducting a title search.

* The Marvel Envirogopher provides access to a wide range of interesting sites.

* NEIRC Reference by name * NEIRC Reference by subject

The National Environmental Information Resource Center offers links to government agencies, corporations, and organizations with environmental interests.

* U.S. EPA WWW Server is a prototype system designed to provide public access to information of the Environmental Protection Agency. It includes searchable data holdings, links to EPA newsletters and journals, consumer information, EPA rules and regulations, other government servers, and more.

* National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences provides links to various medical and environmental databases, search mechanisms, and research reports.


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