Who gave the gas utility permission to dump their chemical waste inside your home?

Did you know the State of California has been warning the public of contaminated natural gas since 1991, and nobody's gotten the message?

Did anyone ask you for your permission? Were there any public disclosures about the hazards of dumping gas waste inside our homes? Where are the environmental impact studies to determine the effects on our health, our safety, and our children?

Did you know the natural gas you buy from the gas company is contaminated? The utility delivers Benzene, Toluene, Radon, PCBs, and Sulfuric Acid right into our home. And did you know that the gas company makes you pay them for this dumping privilage?

The natural gas industry, the Public Utilities Commission, the EPA and other regulatory agencies charged with protecting our health and safety know about this danger - yet, somehow, they allow it to continue?

Science and technology has progressed to the point where we know better. Isn't it time for corporate gas to clean up it's mess? Consumers trust their utility to deliver a clean, safe gas product. Unfortunately, the trust we placed in our gas company has been betrayed.

It's business as usual, as the gas industry continues to deliver contaminated gas to unsuspecting consumers. Obviously, it's cheaper for management to dump it's gas waste in the public commons, than pay someone to clean it up.

Fortunately, there are solutions available to consumers.

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