Safety Series

Proposition 65 Warning

As a result of Proposition 65, the State of California lists substances known to cause cancer or reporoductive harm.

We want you to be aware of the following so you can minimize possible exposure to substances of the state's list related to natural gas service.

Facilitiles and Work Sites Some materials, such as paint, gasoline, natural gas, and tobacco smoke found at or around our facilities, motor vehicles and work sites contains subsatnces on the state's list, such as benzene. We handle all materials carefully for our good health as well as yours. However, exposure to substances on the state's list will occur at or near these locations.

Natural Gas Leaks Small amounts of substances on the state's list, such as benzene, are found in natural gas. If gas is leaking, exposure to these substances will occur. To minimize possible exposure leave the area of the gas leak and call us immeadiately.

Natural Gas Combustion Combustion, including burning natural gas, produces substances on the state's list such as soot. To minimize exposure, operate gas equipment according to manufacturers' instructions.

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